Frequently asked questions

How do I register to attend an event?

You can register to attend as a guest, book a space as a newlywed seller; or if you're a wedding supplier / business owner, contact us to find out about exhibiting. There are forms on all the 'Event' drop down pages.

Do I have to register to attend?

If you're attending as a guest, technically no, though if you do register, you'll get a goody bag on arrival. It will also help us to plan how much bubbly to bring! If you're a newlywed seller, yes please, so we know who to expect. We can't guarantee that there will be space for you if you just turn up on the day. If you're a supplier, absolutely, drop us a note and we'll go from there.

How much does it cost?

Entry is FREE for guests, though a donation to charity is always very welcome. Newlywed seller tables vary depending on the venue, but are shown when you go to book a space. Typically between £10 and £15. Suppliers - please contact us.

Do I have to bring a table?

It depends on the venue. Usually no, but we'll tell you when booking if you need to bring a paste table.